Between Hell & Heaven

Hidden Rooms – Art at the Rendon – June 1-3, 2018

My piece in Room 19 presents a classic struggle between the Apollonian and the Dionysian. The key to living “Between Hell and Heaven” is to strike a balance of opposing forces: freedom and abandon, good and evil, black and white. While the artist retains control of his environment, he must allow his work to be chaotic and spontaneous in order to explore ideas without preconception or restraint.

Art at the Rendon
2055 E. 7th St.
Downtown L.A.

Official Website for Art at the Rendon

Stephen Seemayer in Inaugural Art at the Rendon Event


Starting with an activation of the entire building, Art at the Rendon will begin with the multi-sensory event “Hidden Rooms” taking place on the first weekend of June 2018.

Utilizing all three levels of the building,”Hidden Rooms” will feature more than 50 artists, muralists, musicians and performers, transforming every corner of The Rendon Hotel (2055 E. 7th St., Downtown L.A.) into an interactive community-centric installation.

“Hidden Rooms” will be the first of what will be an ongoing presentation of cultural programs hosted at The Rendon.

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