Hidden Rooms Continues Tonight

Stephen Seemayer continues his performance/installation “Between Hell & Heaven” at the Hidden Rooms event tonight (June 2) at Art at the Rendon.

In Room 19 on the second floor of the old Rendon Hotel (2055 E. 7th St. in Downtown L.A.), Seemayer manipulates a meat-colored surrogate in the painting of classical images of Greek mythology. Visitors are voyeurs watching the creative process through a porthole in the locked door.

Stephen Seemayer

Artist Stephen Seemayer in Room 19 at the Rendon Hotel. / Photo by Mark Dektor

Seemayer, in his artist statement, says he is presenting “a classic struggle between the Apollonian and the Dionysian. The key to living ‘Between Hell & Heaven’ is to strike a balance of opposing forces: freedom and abandon, good and evil, black and white.

“While the artist retains control of his environment, he must allow his work to be chaotic and spontaneous in order to explore ideas without preconception or restraint.”

The three-day event opened last night (June 1), and continues tonight with an artists reception. Tomorrow (June 3) is the public’s chance to experience this unique exhibit.

“None of this artwork is for sale,” says organizer Cindy Schwarzstein of Cartwheel Art. “This is all just an installation. Each artist is doing a site-specific installation that’s here in the moment and then goes away right afterward.”

Schwarzstein told the L.A. Weekly, “For me, it’s not even so much about the individual artists as about that they’re all co-existing, creating and collaborating together.”

Artists Jaime Colindres and Greg Jezewski provided assistance with Seemayer’s project.




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